Introducing Banana Tabs

10 December, 2018

Has this ever happened to you?

You keep lots of tabs in a single window to the point where you can't tell what's what anymore.

too many tabs

Or worse: you try -like me- to group your tabs by task, or subject, or anything, and as a result you end up with too many windows instead.

too many windows

Banana Tabs can help

Banana Tabs is a chrome extension that displays a list of your currently opened browser windows and the tabs contained in each of them.

Banana Tabs extension

  • You can show or hide each tab or window individually.
  • You can re-arrange your windows in the list.
  • You can name and rename windows

It's ideal to suspend some task and picking it up later.

You can even rearrange the windows in the list, to keep the most important at the top.

Banana Tabs extension while user drags a window group

You can install Banana Tabs! from the Chrome Web Store.

Tech Stack

BananaTabs is written in TypeScript. I have recently updated the project to Create React App v2, so it uses React 16.8 (with a few hooks), and TypeScript 3.3. Unit and integration tests use jest and react-testing-library.

Banana Tabs is open-source. You can clone/fork the repo or ideally contribute to the project.