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I’m currently working at King.com creating tools for game development teams.
We mostly use React and TypeScript and some C++.

Farm Heroes Saga

Before that, I developed successful mobile games such as Farm Heroes Saga and Shuffle Cats.
I used C++, C#, ActionScript and Python.

During my time at Miniclip.com I created video games for the browser.

Miniclip games

We developed singleplayer and multiplayer games in ActionScript 3.
We also developed components to integrate third party games with Miniclip’s systems.
I also contributed with some server-side PHP code.

Before moving to the UK, I was a Freelance Web Developer.
I developed corporate websites for several clients and design agencies using HTML CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Flash.

I started my career as a front-end developer at CyberJuegos.com during the dot-com bubble, building web pages using HTML, CSS, and some ASP.
Later on, I was involved in game development in Macromedia Shockwave.